Disc Golf Course Signage

discgolfer magazine cover #47, Fall 2020

Signage can be hit or miss out in the real world. Disc golf courses in particular display a wide range of information from excellent to nonexistent. Check out this article in discgolfer magazine.

Elevation data is useful for plotting various terrain features. Diss golf is likely to feature greater changes in elevation than traditional golf courses. Plotting the profile of the fairway is very helpful.

Old Post #12 (changed to #13 later) Elevation Profile showing the downhill approach from the tee. (Russellville, Arkansas)
Old Post Gold #12 (changed to #13 later) in Russellville, Arkansas

Highland Park Disc Golf Course, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Elevation Profile for #17 Meadows Course, Jack Brooks Park, Hitchcock, Texas

The Disc Golf Pro Tour uses attractive graphics for their maps but they are missing details that would help online viewers understand the challenges of the fairway. Here is a direct comparison of hole 9 in use at the DDO this year. Check out these other sample maps of various ‘elevated’ venues on tour.

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