MN, Black Bear at the Preserve.

Pro-level maps for a Pro-level tour!

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The terrain is not terribly steep at the DGPT Preserve Championship. However, slight changes in elevation can affect play by trapping low shots, causing tricky footing for upshots or by allowing the disc to skip away from the basket on a downslope.  Add to this the liberal use of water hazards and the challenge only increases. None of the official maps indicate the undulation of the playing surface.

The maps on this page illustrate holes in use for the Black Bear layout, a layout assembled from three different courses on the property. They attempt to show terrain features with precision and a high level of detail using all the advantage of modern GIS data mixed with the best practices of traditional cartography. All are drawn to scale and enhanced with distance ranges to show how far objects are when leaving the tee and and approaching the pin. Trees, bridges, streams and out of bounds lines can be easily assessed before taking a shot. Each graphic is linked to a larger version in order to see the detail.

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