Going Beyond Google Earth

Google Earth is a great place to start. At the very least it encourages the designer to orient the map with North at the top. However the imagery available is not very effective when planning or trying explain details of a course layout. This video demonstrates the use of other data and techniques to help a course designer communicate better.

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees?

…or anything else for that matter!. Here is a map demo that shows how detailed layers scan make a map more attractive and useful. Google Earth is a great place start but its not the best way to represent a course map online or in print. Learn more by viewing the demo below. Remember, it’s all about the background!


Map Layer demo thumbnail

Click image to view the map layer demo.

Milby Park DGC Sample Map

slide the vertical white line from side to side.

[twenty20 img1=”1330″ img2=”1329″ direction=”horizontal” offset=”0.5″ align=”center” width=”635px”]

The image on the right swaps out the aerial photograph and replaces it with hillshade, elevation contours and digitized ground features. The result is a much cleaner and clearer map.

Kiosk Course Maps Available

Kiosk course maps provide a professional appearance to any disc golf course. The large map near the start of the course provides all park users with information about the layout of the course in order to safely navigate that space. It also enhances the player’s experience when visiting the course for the first time. Below are several samples (click each image for a larger view)