Know Before You Throw

This caddy book was created for the new Central Course at Cedar Creek in Fairmont, Minnesota, just in time for the 2019 Cedar Creek Open. It contains detailed maps of each hole and these details:

  • Radius grid to calculate straight line distance to any obstacle.
  • Elevation difference between tee pin.
  • Flightpath distance to the basket.
  • Walking path to the next tee.

Take a look:

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Going Beyond Google Earth

Google Earth is a great place to start when planning a disc golf course. At the very least it encourages the designer to orient the map with North at the top. However the imagery available is not very effective when trying explain details of a course layout. This video demonstrates the use of other data and techniques to help a course designer communicate better.

Milby Park DGC Sample Map

slide the vertical white line from side to side.

The image on the right swaps out the aerial photograph and replaces it with hillshade, elevation contours and digitized ground features. The result is a much cleaner and clearer map.

Kiosk Course Maps Available

Kiosk course maps provide a professional appearance to any disc golf course. The large map near the start of the course provides all park users with information about the layout of the course in order to safely navigate that space. It also enhances the player’s experience when visiting the course for the first time. Below are several samples (click each image for a larger view)

Kaposia Disc Golf Tee Signs.

Tee signs for Kaposia Park.

Installed for two of the biggest disc golf events held at Kaposia park back in 2014, the MN Majestic and 2014 PDGA Amateur World Championships.
These highly detailed tee signs show:

  • The name of the hole
  • Distance from tee to basket
  • Ranged circles show distance from the tee
  • Contour lines show elevation along the fairway
  • Direction to the next tee

These tee signs are another example of the many upgrades the course has received since going to a pay to play format a few years ago. Click the thumbnail for more images.